New Artist – Luke Seymoup

We’ve got a string of announcements coming with new additions to our Smash Mouse Family. We’re so excited about our new people, and we can’t wait to share them with you all week by week.

First up, Luke Seymoup! 

Luke is our first overseas addition to the label, all the way over in Australia. Combining ideas from all over the punk and alternative genres, his music is exactly our cup of tea. He has already built up a keen UK following and we’re excited to spread the word further.

Luke Seymoup is Melbourne’s busiest man in Punk. Self described as “one nerdy guy with a whole lot of feelings,” his music mixes Pop Punk and Emo with a hearty dose of 90s Powerpop. He wants to make you feel good about feeling terrible.

We asked him some questions so you can all get to know him.

Introducing Luke Seymoup

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