New Artist – That Which Ate The Moon

We’ve got a string of announcements coming with new additions to our Smash Mouse Family. We’re so excited about our new people, and we can’t wait to share them with you all week by week.

First up, That Which Ate The Moon! 

Please Welcome to the Smash Mouse Family; That Which Ate The Moon.

Our second band in this new intake to our roster have been a staple in the South Wales metal scene for a good while now, earning them a reputation of being genuinely lovely people. So of course, we had to have them on board.

We asked them some questions to get to know them a bit better!

Q – Who are you, where are you from, and what do you sound like?

A – We are That Which Ate The Moon.  We’re from Newport, South Wales.  We have an eclectic taste in music which we all draw inspiration from. (Tool, Kyuss & Queens of the Stone Age)

Q – Where does your bands name come from? 

A – Our name is based on Eldritch horrors. 

Q – What does your bands music mean to you, personally?

A – The main focus of most of our lyrical themes is to cast a light on the injustices and suffering in the world which we feel deserve more attention than what it gets in the media.

Q – What’s your favourite gigging story?

A – Mid-2019 we were on the bill to play the main support slot in a small venue in Swansea, however, after the vocalist of the headline band had thrown a few cans at the bar staff and started taking some of his clothes off he told everyone in the bar that (in time with the track over the PA) he was down with the sickness.  After leaving, the venue quickly asked us if we had enough material to play a headline set.

Q – Who is the funniest member of the band? 

A – Ben.

Q – Who are your favourite Smash Mouse bands?

A- We’re enjoying checking out everyone’s music out at the moment.  Slackrr in particular.  

Q – How have you found being part of the Smash Mouse Fam so far?A – It’s nice to be part of a growing community and we’re looking forward to getting to start gigging with everyone.e for a little while now, so we’re pleased to be working with them.

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